Flowers in St. Augustine

snapdragons, coleus, carnations and zinnias in a container planting in St. Augustine, FloridaI don’t have to tell you that flowers are my thing. I love the colors, the textures…and the way people smile when they walk through our gardens.

I’m smiling myself at the gorgeous containers sprinkled throughout the property. And that’s saying something, because folks will tell you that I’m almost never happy with my plants. I always wish something was more full, or a foot taller, or a different color.

Here’s a container that I don’t have any complaints about. I planted the snapdragons about 8 weeks ago, and they have really filled in. The little carnations were planted at the same time, as were the trailing petunias.

Just two weeks ago, Lara and I refreshed all the pots around the inn. In this one, Lara filled in some gaps with the gorgeous yellow and red coleus, as well as the unbelievably cheerful little zinnias. I think the final result is spectacular.

St. Augustine is highlighting container plantings all around the historic district. There are some beautiful ones out there–all showcasing the three fundamentals of a good pot designer: something that spills (the draping plants that soften the edges of the pot), something that fills (the mid-sized plants that give most of the color), and something that thrills (a tall plant, either in the middle or the back of the container).