Luxurious Eco-Friendly Hotel in St. Augustine

Are you searching for the ideal combination of luxury and sustainability on your next getaway to Florida? Look no further than Bayfront Marin House, nestled across from the scenic Matanzas Bay. Our eco-friendly hotel in St. Augustine provides guests with unparalleled relaxation and comfort while demonstrating a steadfast commitment to protecting our planet. We firmly believe that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand, and we are excited to showcase our eco-friendly initiatives to you.

a woman washing her hands at eco-friendly hotel in St. Augustine

Water Conservation

This is especially important to us as St. Augustine has many water sources that people in the surrounding areas rely on. We strive to conserve this water to the best of our ability while still ensuring guest satisfaction in everything we do. To that end, we have enacted a series of changes to reduce our water usage:

  • We mark extra blankets included in the room to know if they have been used and save them for the next guest if not, which reduces the amount of water used for laundry.
  • Our new sheets are quick-dry and use significantly less energy to wash than our old sheets, while still being supremely comfortable and smooth.
  • We removed robes from guest rooms, which lowered our laundry’s water usage by 30%, and they are now available by request when you book or during your stay.
  • Our towel policy is that towels on the floor should be replaced, and ones that are hung up are intended to be used again, which reduces the number of towels we wash.
a plate of food at happy hour at eco-friendly hotel

Reuse and Recycle

A staple of conservation efforts at our eco-friendly hotel, we recycle all of our metal cans, plastic bottles, and paper waste. In addition, we seek out products with less packaging and plastic waste:

  • Our beach picnic setups are packaged with reusable glass jars, and all microwavable plates provided are BPA-free.
  • During our recent renovations, we replaced old wood with historic wood from our attic and replaced tiles and countertops with ones made from recycled material.
  • Any damaged furniture is either donated or given to a local home goods store that upcycles said furniture.
  • Towels that are no longer suitable for use in rooms are either donated to local shelters and churches or cut up and reused as rags for cleaning.
glass jars and food at a sustainable picnic near Bayfront Marin House

Minimize Waste and Our Carbon Footprint

As an environmentally-friendly hotel, there have been a few other changes made as part of our commitment to conservation that are intended to reduce our waste output while still keeping a quality experience across all areas of our property:

  • We have changed our happy hour service from a buffet to a served tray system, and this has substantially cut down on food waste while allowing us to provide a higher level of food service.
  • We make an effort to use small businesses and vendors in order to support local businesses.
  • All disposable cups in guest rooms have been replaced with unbreakable, reusable cups to further reduce paper waste.
  • All of our refrigerators and freezers are energy-star rated for efficiency.
Ocean view accommodations at environmentally-friendly hotel in St. Augustine

Have an Environmentally Friendly Stay

We strive for environmental consciousness in all that we do and share guests’ concerns for the planet as we continue to search for new products and ways to improve our property. Escape for a sustainable weekend retreat with uncompromising luxury at Bayfront Marin House or Vilano Beach Cottages. Our gorgeous accommodations feature king and queen beds, jetted rain showers and soaking tubs in some rooms, views of the water from your private porch or deck, and elegant decor for an unforgettable stay in St. Augustine. Wake up every morning to an authentic southern-style breakfast prepared fresh daily using locally sourced ingredients for delicious dishes like our Caprese Eggs Benedict and famous French Toast! No matter how you spend your time here, you can rest easy knowing that your support will go toward a better tomorrow at our eco-friendly hotel.

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