Drop Dead Bread

My grandmother has been known to skip an entree entirely and just have bread for dinner.

When faced with a big bowl of glop, something that even the starving children in India might pass on, she has been known to say “A good roll could save this meal.”

The rolls at The Tasting Room to Go, an offshoot of the wildly popular Tasting Room , could save more than just a meal. They could save humanity.

I’m sure you’re anxious now to just run out and get one of these game-changing yeasty treasures. Not so fast, junior. It’s not so easy to find. The Tasting Room to Go is at 39.5 Cordova Street, down a little path, behind the Floridian restaurant.

It’s not a sit-down restaurant, although there are a handful of tables and umbrellas in the cute courtyard in front of the building. Inside, it’s just a long deli counter. You order at the counter, pay for your meal, then go out in the courtyard and someone will bring the food when it’s ready.

The hub and I went yesterday for lunch…and then we went back for take-out lunch today. Yesterday, he got the muffaletta, a salty olive-y mixture on one of the most heavenly pieces of big round bread you can imagine. I got the quiche of the day, a light concoction with a phyllo crust. Both were awesome.

Today, we both opted for cuban sandwiches and a long loaf of Italian, for dinner tonight. We also tried the lentil salad, which was even better than it looked, with crunchy pieces of onion and yellow pepper, and some soft feta cheese on the top. I’m not sure it’s the traditional accompaniment to a cuban sandwich, but it was wonderful in its own right. (Note: you can tell that Mike was ordering–he of the “I picked up some brussel sprouts to go with the pasta tonight” fame. One time, when we were in St. Barth, he ordered some horrible combination of food and the waiter literally said “But no, sir. I can not leet you do zat.” And then he proceeded to order something completely different for the hub).

But back to The Tasting Room to Go. My only complaint is that the counter closes at 4:00. And I’m just starting to think about dinner around 7. That would be a nice time to run over and grab some fresh bread (hint, hint, owners).

But, until they decide to have longer hours, I’ll just have to write myself a note. And set an alarm for 3:00 in the afternoon.