Downtown St. Augustine Rental: Our Marine Street Rental

Have you dreamed of downtown living in St. Augustine?

You know how much you love visiting St. Augustine–but what if you actually lived here? What would your life be like?

Imagine a regular morning downtown: you take an early run along the seawall, watching the sun climb over the water as you breathe in the crisp air. Come back to your one bedroom walk up, take a shower, and enjoy a cup of coffee on your Juliet balcony. Watch the pedestrians on the sidewalk below as the sleepy town begins to wake up.


What could you accomplish after a great start like that? Anything, right? You could write a novel, become a painter, learn to play guitar.

Don’t you think you could do great things?

If you’re not feeling that ambitious, or that creative, you simply could have a few great meals in our amazing restaurants, sleep late every day, and feel completely refreshed while enjoying a wonderful St. Augustine getaway.

Whether you want to be an artist, a musician, or just a happy girl on vacation, we have the perfect place for you to “try on” a downtown St. Augustine lifestyle. Our Marine Street apartment, located right in the middle of the historic district, across from the St. Augustine marina.

Vacation Rental in St.Augustine

Our St. Augustine Vacation Rental

  • 1 King Size Bed
  • Full Kitchen
  • Pedestal Sink and Tiled Shower
  • Juliet Balconies
  • Ocean Views
  • Full Use of the Inn Amenities
  • Breakfast and Appetizers Daily
  • Walk to Top Restaurants & Shops

Guest Reviews

We’ve been renting the Marine Street apartment for a few weeks now, and here are some of the comments we’ve gotten:

“I absolutely loved the apartment! We’d come home in the afternoon, and there would be a guitarist playing at the restaurant next door. We sat out on the porch with some wine and listened to him singing James Taylor–it was perfect!” 

“We loved being able to open both the balcony doors. The cross breeze was incredible!”

“It was even better than we hoped! Right in the middle of everything, and a perfect home base for exploring downtown! We loved seeing the lights from Nights of Lights from our room.”

Vacation Rental St. Augustine 1 Bed

Okay, so no one has written a novel yet in the space, or painted a new American masterpiece. But that just means that you could be the first person to do it! The Marine Street apartment has a full kitchen, and it’s within walking distance of scores of restaurants (because that whole starving artist thing isn’t all that romantic). It has a very comfortable living area, with a sofa bed, comfy chairs, flat screen tv, and electric fireplace for mood.

The bedroom has a king sized bed, great reading lamps, and a television, and the bathroom has a pedestal sink and small tiled shower. We’ve paid attention to lots of details in this space, from the four foot high metal etching of the original St. Augustine lighthouse to an artisan-made full length mirror pieced out of small pieces of wood.

If you’d like to check it out, give us a call at 904.824.4301 or make a reservation online. Then pack your brushes and canvases and come give downtown living a try!

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