Looking for Addresses for the Bayfront Marin House in St. Augustine?

Looking for an address for your trip to the Bayfront Marin House? Trying to tell Google Maps where the Beachcomber Cottages are? Trying to get a Doordash delivery?

Here are all the physical addresses for the various locations at the Bayfront Marin House. The address of your room is in your confirmation letter as well, but we know that might be difficult to find when you’re driving to St. Augustine, or sent down a Detour that is completely unfamiliar, or when you’re totally hangry. You can always call us at 904.824.4301, or you can look up the address of your specific room below.

If you’re already on site, doing self check-in, and just trying to figure out where your room is, check out this handy map of our bed and breakfast.


Addresses for the Bayfront Marin House and the Beachcomber Cottages in St. Augustine Florida

*All addresses are St. Augustine, Florida, zip code 32084*


exterior view of Bayfront Marin House

Rooms 1-17: 142 Avenida Menendez

This is the main inn. It includes rooms #1-17. Specifically: the King George (1), Marie Antoinette (2), Hopkins Cottage (3), Bridge of Lions (4), Robinson Lewis (5), Captain Henry (6), Burgess Cottage (7), Forrester Suite (8), Princess Margaret (10), Coquina Suite (11), Stephanie’s Hideaway (12), Governor White (14), Napoleon Suite (15), Lyndsay Michelle (16), and the Francisco Marin (17). We often refer to these rooms as being at the “Downtown Inn”, or “At the Marin”.

If you are checking in here, park in the loading zone to unload, then move your car to our complimentary parking at 14 St. Francis Street, in the Oldest House parking lot. Our spaces are at the back of the lot, marked “Parking for Bayfront Marin House Only”.

Bayfront Marin House, Sanchez Gardens in Florida

Room 18 & 19/Sanchez House: 7 Bridge Street

This is the building adjacent to the Bayfront Marin House (you can see our yellow building to the left). It houses rooms #18 and #19, the Josephina Wedding Suite, and the Jose Simeon Suite. We will sometimes call this the Sanchez House, as it was named after one of the home’s early residents, and one of St. Augustine’s earliest mayors. 7 Bridge Street is actually the green door on Bridge Street (to the north of the building). If you get delivery, they will come there, or ask them to come to the corner of Bridge and Marine Streets, and you will pick it up there. If you are trying to check in, park in our regular loading zone, and enter this home’s yard to your right.

Once you’re unloaded, please move your car to our complimentary parking lot at 14 St. Francis Street, in the Oldest House parking lot. Park in front of any of the signs marked “Bayfront Marin House”.

If you’re staying at either 142 Avenida Menendez, or at 7 Bridge Street, this map may make it easier to find your room:

Room Map Downtown


outdoor shot of bella bay inn and marine street apartment

Marine Street Apartment: 10 Marine Street

If you’re staying in our Marine Street Apartment, the address of your building is 10 Marine Street. If you have a delivery coming, tell the driver to park in the parking lot for OC Whites, and you will meet them there. You may want to tell the parking lot attendant you’re expecting a delivery, so he can show them the loading zone. The Marine Street Apartment is above Chatsworth’s Pub, in a green building known as the Bella Bay Inn.

If you want to check in, tell the attendant why you’re there, and he will direct you to a space. Unload your bags, then move your car to our complimentary parking, located at 154 Cordova Street. You can park in any of the spaces marked “Bella Bay Parking” or “Bayfront Marin House Parking”.

*The following rooms are on Vilano Beach, at our Beachcomber Cottages. Vilano Beach is located across the Usina Bridge.  Although the island is known as Vilano, the town address is still St Augustine, 32084. Here are the eight beach units and their addresses:


Beachcomber Cottages blue houses near the ocean

Rooms 101 & 102: 10A Beachcomber Way (furthest house)

The first blue building is 10A Beachcomber, and it houses rooms 101 and 102, the Dunes Suite and the Royal Palm. Parking is to the left of the building, on the mulched parking pad. There are room numbers on the fence to help you line up.

Room 201: 10B Beachcomber Way (closest house)

The second blue house is 10B Beachcomber. This room is known as the Oceanview Cottage, or room #201. Parking is underneath the house.

Yellow house exterior - Beachcomber Cottages

Rooms 91, 92 & 93: 21 Beachcomber Way

This is the bright yellow house facing the ocean, to the right (south) of the blue cottages mentioned above. Use this address if you are staying in rooms 91, 92, or 93, otherwise known as the Sandpiper Suite (first floor), Atlantic Suite (second floor) and Lookout Suite (third floor). There is not a lot of room on our parking pad, so please tell your delivery driver to pull straight ahead on Beachcomber Way, and park near the beach path at the end of the street.

Parking for these three units is in front of the house, with 91 on the left, 92 in the middle and 93 on the right. The parking spaces are marked with the room numbers–please pull all the way to the parking bumper.

orange house at 40 Beachcomber Way

Rooms 401 & 402: 40 Beachcomber Way

Forty Beachcomber is a coral-colored building with Caribbean gingerbread and pools on each side of the house. It houses room numbers 401 (the Lagoon Cottage) and 402 (the Saltwater Suite). Ask any delivery drivers to pull into the mulch in front of the white picket fence.

Parking for both of these units is on the brick parking pad to the left of the house. Please leave enough space for two vehicles. Additional vehicles can park in the mulch in front of the white picket fence.

If you have any difficulties finding ANY of our St. Augustine hotel options, please call the friendly innkeepers at 904.824.4301. We are happy to help you find your way–so all you have to worry about is having a wonderful time!