Country Girl Casserole: Mary’s Million Dollar Breakfast

Last week, one of our guests asked Mary if they could buy the recipe for her Country Casserole.

If you know Mary, you know that she laughed and said that it was for sale for a million dollars. And she would happily take it in cash.

Imagine how relieved I was later that morning when Mary told me and Mike that even if she had a million dollars, she would still come in and make breakfast for our guests. Well, maybe not eggs benedict, but she’d come for the other days (Mary makes eggs benedict to order. When we have a full house–which is pretty often on eggs benedict day–it is an egg-flinging zoo back in the kitchen!)

Anyway, at the Bayfront Marin House, we are always trying to give our guests that “extra special” service. And that includes (free) recipes for anything we make here at the Inn.

We actually have recipes for some of our most popular dishes hanging on the refrigerator. If you stay with us and like something enough to make it at home, just ask and we’ll be happy to give you a copy.

Which, of course, is what Mary did for the guest who about about the casserole. And she gave it to them for free.

In case anyone else is interested, here is the million dollar recipe. Of course, if it sounds like too much work for you, just book a weekend stay here at the Marin. We serve Country Girl Casserole every Sunday morning, personally made by our own non-millionaire country girl Mary.

Country Girl Casserole