Christmas is Coming

I know, I know…it’s not even Halloween yet. (And I heart Halloween!)

But we’ve just announced our Nights of Lights special, so I’ve been humming Christmas tunes all day.

What’s so special about our Nights of Lights special? Well, when you stay two weeknights (that’s Sunday through Thursday) during the Nights of Lights event (it runs from November 17 through January 31), you get the following:

  • FREE tickets to the Green Trolley, which will take you through town so you can enjoy the two million twinkling lights while sitting down
  • FREE fudge from local candy-maker Fudge Buckets (seriously, they’re served in a little bucket with a spoon. How smart is that???)
  • FREE hot chocolate at Fudge Buckets

And, of course, you get all the cool free stuff that you’ve come to expect–a hot southern breakfast every morning, our world-famous happy hour, parking, wifi, access to bikes…the whole shebang!! And you get the chance to enjoy our own awesome light display…here it is in 2011.

St. Augustine was named one of the Top Ten Places in the WORLD to see holiday lights by National Geographic last year. And the Bayfront Marin House is the best place in St. Augustine to enjoy the festival!