Breakfast in Bed

You know my favorite part of vacation?
Room service.
I’m serious; my husband may want to hike a beautiful trail, or swim with dolphins, or tour some spectacular house, and I like all of that just fine. But my all time favorite thing is to just open the door–while I’m still in pajamas–and have someone bring a nice tray of yummy yumm-yumms into the room (I like room service for dinner, too–but my very favorite is breakfast).
I don’t even care what’s on that tray–because I haven’t met the breakfast food that I don’t like. Last time I was on vacation, I was determined to eat healthy meals the whole time (I must have been on drugs). So I ordered oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast, along with green tea.
I will tell you, even oatmeal tastes extra special when you eat it in bed.
Anyway, this is all just my way of reminding you that we do serve breakfast in bed. It’s an extra $20, and it’s $30 if you want homemade mimosas. Of course, you also can eat it in our gazebo, or on our gorgeous patio, or in our dining room–and there’s no charge at all for that.
Of course, in my mind, twenty bucks is a small amount to pay for a total indulgence to start the day. What do they say on the commercial? It’s *priceless*!
(Please note that we are not able to provide Breakfast in Bed at our beach cottages as we do not have a kitchen at that location.)