Best Rooms for Brides in St. Augustine

When you get married at the Bayfront Marin House, we’re here to make your special day easy for you! That means helping you navigate your day–from helping you choose your music, your flowers, your cake.

It also means helping you plan your perfect entrance. And your perfect entrance starts with the perfect room. To help you decide which room will be ideal for you, here is our list of the Best Rooms for Brides in St. Augustine:

Bride in her suite at our St. Augustine wedding venue with lodgingIf you’re getting married downtown and want a dramatic entrance:

The Marie Antoinette. This is the front room on the second floor, closest to the water. Why the Marie Antoinette? Its second floor location makes it perfect to walk to the large staircase–a perfect dramatic entrance. Plus, getting ready photos are beautiful because this traditional bed and breakfast room boasts a fireplace, four poster bed, and dramatic long Victorian mirror. After the wedding, you’ll love it because you and your new spouse can unwind on the private front porch, or chill out in the double Jacuzzi. The Marie Antoinette is a dramatic room for dramatic brides!

If you have a large wedding party:

The Lyndsay Michelle. The Lyndsay Michelle is a large room, with multiple areas for getting ready. The main bedroom is huge–so your hair and makeup team has plenty of room to set up stations for a large group of bridesmaids. Ask us about delivering a tray of bagels or a few pitchers of mimosas to your room.

The other nice thing about the Lyndsay Michelle is the private porch area in front of the room. It’s a great place to line up your girls (or guys!), and you can enter the courtyard via the back stairs, which are a little bit shorter, or the front staircase.

Other options for larger wedding parties are the Sanchez House, which is home to two very large suites. You can reserve both rooms, and have the whole house for getting ready! (Note: There are some restrictions regarding use of the Sanchez House rooms when there is an event next door. We’re happy to walk you through them!)

If you want to create some suspense for your groom:

Your photographer will probably get a great shot of the first look, but wouldn’t it be nice to see that face in person? Consider entering from the Robinson Lewis, the Hopkins Cottage, the King George or the Burgess Cottage room. All three of the rooms are on the first floor (also nice if you’re worried about walking down the steps in a train), and your spouse won’t see you until you start walking down the sidewalk. So you can really wow your partner from the get go!

Dog at a wedding in St. AugustineIf you want your pup to be part of the fun:

Some of our favorite wedding attendants have had four legs! We love seeing a couple’s dog being part of the ceremony. Whether they want to stand next to you in the gazebo, or lay at the foot of the stairs, your fur baby is family, and we want your family to be comfortable! All the rooms on our first floor are dog friendly–so any of those rooms would work! They include the King George (the largest first floor room), the Hopkins Cottage room, the Robinson Lewis, the Burgess Cottage room, the Coquina Suite, the Napoleon Suite, and the Francisco Marin.

If you want your human kids to stay with you:

We have a few rooms that have daybeds in them–perfect for sleeping extra people! The following rooms have daybeds: the Coquina Suite and the Governor White, while the Lyndsay Michelle has a second bedroom for your little one to sleep. Have a baby? Ask us about borrowing a pack and play, and ask us which rooms have the most floor space to accommodate that.

If you have some mobility issues:

If you worry about walking to the gazebo, the Napoleon Suite might be perfect for you. Located just behind the gazebo, the Napoleon Suite is our most accessible room. If you use a cane or walker, you will appreciate the wide doorways, the roll in shower, and the roll under sink with a tilting mirror. Let us know if you would like a shower bench in the room, or if you’d like a lower bed. We want to make you comfortable! Also, please talk about your individual needs with our wedding coordinator. We can move the ceremony to another part of our property. We can do a beautiful background in the widest part of our sidewalk, with your family gathered around you, or we can retrofit the gazebo with a ramp for your vows. You also can get married in our dining room (accessible via a permanent ramp). We are here to help!

groom standing at window with light pouring inIf you want beautiful light:

All of our rooms are bright and cheerful, but a couple of our rooms have really beautiful natural light for photos. They include: the Marie Antoinette, the King George, the Forrester Suite, and the Princess Margaret. The light comes in the south windows, and shimmers off the water, making for some gorgeous photos. Your photographer will love these rooms…and you will love the photos they make!

Of course, the entire inn is beautifully lit, with the bay in the background. Look at some of the images in our wedding gallery–you can see how gorgeous everything looks. That includes our many beautiful St. Augustine brides (and grooms!) The handsome groom at left is in our Governor White room–it has a great background with the tile wall, and the light is just perfect.

At the end of the day, ALL of our rooms are great for brides and their grooms! Depending on your personal preferences, some might be better than others. Please call us and ask which rooms are the best for your needs–we’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect room for your St. Augustine wedding!