Thank you, Palm Coast Ford!

When you meet someone who works in hospitality, it’s pretty likely that they’re a people pleasing kind of person.

You know the type…the kind of person who asks if they can get you anything. The type who isn’t really happy unless everyone around them is happy.

We are very lucky to have an entire team of people pleasing people. They show their love for other people constantly–whether it’s helping someone with a bag, or playing with someone’s baby while her parents enjoy their breakfast, or running out to get someone an extra shirt before his sister’s wedding.

We love it when people appreciate the extra effort that our staff puts into their jobs. When we say that a five-star review makes our day, we mean it. When we get a note from a past guest, we hang it up in the kitchen and everyone smiles a little bit extra when they read it.

Which is why we were tickled to read a blog from another business, just down the road in Palm Coast.

Palm Coast Ford listed us as one of the best bed and breakfasts in St. Augustine, mentioning our location, our breakfasts, and–most importantly–our staff.


Thank you, Palm Coast Ford, for the very nice shout out! You just made our day! 🙂