Beach Wedding: Not just Neutrals

Weddings in St. AugustineI’ve gotten so many comments on the colored beach decor I shared yesterday (thanks to everyone who repinned it from our Pinterest board!), I thought that I’d share a shot from another recent event with a colorful beach theme.

Shannon and Dave got married with us in June. They rented our entire inn, and planned a beautiful sit down dinner in the front yard. Things didn’t go entirely the way they planned…just before we started to set up the beach ceremony, the skies opened up with a huge (scary) thunderstorm! Although it blew through really quickly, taking the crazy lightning with it, it also took our electricity! (Welcome to weddings in St. Augustine!)

Our couple was cool, however, and everyone just waited for the electricity to come back on (thanks, Florida Power & Light, for getting it back within 30 minutes!) Once it did, the bridal party finished getting ready and then met us on the now-decorated beach.

After the ceremony, the gang returned to the inn, where they found a beautiful beach-themed table planned by Shannon’s Mom, Jan. Jan used a combo of elegant white (in the tablecloths, wedding chairs, and tiny lights that lit up the gazebo), neutral and natural textures (with burlap napkins, chair ties, and a runner), beach elements (natural shells and starfish), and fun color (colored LED lights, yellow daisies, colored vases, bright paper lanterns, and graphic candleholders). The display went all the way down the center of the long table, allowing everyone to enjoy the decor and experience the atmosphere up close and personal.

The bottom line from Jan: Don’t feel you have to use just natural materials or just colorful items. When balanced with color and texture, you can mix and match to create a beautiful and electic wedding that suits your style!