An Open Letter about Gratitude

It was one year ago today that we suffered a fire at the Marin.

Those first few days were so scary—we didn’t know how much damage would be found in the walls, we didn’t know how long it would take to reopen. We didn’t know if our insurance would cover the costs of repairs. We’d like to thank our staff for literally pulling us through the first few days—for working diligently to find all of our guests other accommodations, for offering to help with anything, and for basically telling us that we would all work together to make everything okay.

We also would like to thank our guests during that time, who called or wrote to see how we were doing, and who graciously understood when we called them to tell them that regretfully we would have to find them a room somewhere else (well, there was that one guy who yelled and swore at Heloisa and said he would have liked to have had more notice that we would be closed–but even he gave us a much needed laugh that day!)
We’re grateful to our friends in the bed and breakfast community who worked with us to find everyone rooms—we live in a great town with great people, and the best bed and breakfasts in the world! We could not ask to be part of a more supportive and caring community.

Of course, we’re especially thankful to the firefighters who stopped the flames so quickly (and we’re bringing you one of Laverne’s pies today as a thank you!); and to our insurance company, Herbie Wiles, who was more than totally awesome, and who helped us not just put things back together but actually make them better; and of course to our amazing and unbelievable staff, who really did do everything they could to make everything okay again. Your work this past year has made everything so much better than just okay—our Marin looks beautiful, our rooms are out of this world, and our hearts are full of love for everything you’ve done for us! And we were reopen in less than a month…which was absolutely amazing.

Thank you, finally, to the guests who have stayed with us for the past 12 months—we do not take any of you for granted, and we know that we are lucky to be able to do what we do every day. We hope that we have lived up to your expectations, and that we’ve helped to create special memories for you, and that we’ve shown you—through our service, and our smiles, and our actions—that we love what we do, and we love the people who stay with us.

Thank you to everyone…we feel blessed to have you all in our lives!