All Aboard!

Last week, Ripley’s Red Train invited business owners and their employees around Saint Augustine to take a free ride around town, to see their new tour first-hand.

The hub and I–along with my visiting brother, sister-in-law, and our two adorable nephews–were there with bells on.

Well, technically we didn’t have bells on, but we did have whistles on–red plastic whistles that looked like a train and sounded like a train whistle. They gave them to us when we checked in, so the kids were big fans of the tour right from the (woo-woo) start.

Speaking of starting, the tour started at Ripley’s Museum, right next to the building. If you buy tickets, you can buy them there or at a ton of places around town (including our lobby at the Bayfront Marin House!) From the museum, we turned north on A1A, driving past the Old Jail, the oldest tree (in a hotel’s parking lot), the carousel (where we learned the difference between a carousel and a merry go round), then turning around at the Ripley’s depot.

From there, we looped back A1A, driving back into town. We passed the National Guard building, which was built to look like the Alamo (which I never noticed before, even though I drive past it all the time).