Ain’t Life Grand

If you’re going to name your hotel The Grand, you’d better make sure that you live up to the name.

To the Musser family, current owners of The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island…you’ve got nothing to worry about. Your little place fits the bill to a “t”.
The Grand Hotel ( is located on Mackinac Island. It sits on top of a great hill (you could call it a grand hill, I suppose) on the East Bluff of the island.
The Grand was built in 1887, and even then it was a tony place, with rooms renting from $3-5 a night.
1919 was a big year, because young W. Stewart Woodfill was hired as a desk clerk. He wasn’t just good at checking people in, he was also good at checking accounts, because he purchases the hotel in 1933. (Now THAT’S an American dream).
In 1951, Dan Musser joined the staff. He would be named president of the hotel (it’s a pretty darn grand hotel that needs its own president) in 1960, and then he purchases it in 1979.
Today, Dan Musser III is president. I hope he’s counting his pennies. I’m not sure that you can buy this place on a clerk’s salary anymore.
This *isn’t* the Grand Hotel. It’s a private residence on the western bluff of the island. They call it the “Baby Grand.” I have a feeling they’re a fun group of people to drink with at sunset.
Here *are* some photos of the Real Grand Hotel. (They’re all grand except one).

(Note: this is not the face of someone who just played a “grand” game of bocce. As I recall, I kicked his butt).

There are 2500 geraniums planted in 260 window boxes along the 660 feet porch. (That’s more numbers than this English major has thought about in a long, long time).