Talk Like a Pirate Pig Roast in St. Augustine: A Special Discount for Our Bed and Breakfast Guests

talk like a pirate pig roast 2018 in St. Augustine FloridaARRRRRGGGHH you ready for a great deal on a pirate pig roast this weekend?

On Saturday, September 22, the St Augustine Swashbucklers are hosting their third annual pig roast and concert. The fun takes place at the Colonial Quarter in the Maritime Area. You’ll find lots of yummy pork dishes, a reggae band, plenty of pirates, and more pirate jokes than you can shake a parrot at.

You won’t, however, find anyone playing cards there because there’s always a pirate sitting on the deck.
See what aye did there?


The pig roast is a fundraiser for local children and families in need, and tickets at the door are $40 per person, and a “buck a year” for kids under 12. This is a very family friendly event, and there will be literally HUNDREDS of pirates in attendance (which will make for great photos!)

Why don’t pirates shower before they walk the plank?
Because they know that they will just wash ashore later.


The St. Augustine Swashbucklers are offering a special scurvy deal for their annual pirate pig roast to ye Bayfront Marin House Guests. Just show your room key when you check in to the event, and instead of paying $40, you’ll pay just $25! Here’s what your ticket price covers:

** A buffet dinner featuring a variety of pork entrees, and an assortment of side dishes.

** A cash bar, available to adults 21+ with valid ID.

** Live reggae music from iVibe, providing a Caribbean flair to the evening!

You can buy tickets at 6:00 at the ticket counter next to the Bull & Crown on St. George Street, or at the Colonial Quarter gate on San Marco. Show the ticket seller your key, and tell them you’re staying with us!

There are lots of people who think that Talk Like a Pirate Day (traditionally celebrated on September 19) should be a National Holiday, and I think almost all of those people live in St. Augustine. We take our pirates very seriously–the Pirate Museum has an amazing collection of pirate artifacts (or ARRR tifacts), our Black Raven Pirate Ship sails the seven seas each night in front of the inn, and we even test our canons every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (at 10:30, 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30) just in case a group of rowdy privateers decide to attack our fort.

If you missed Talk Like a Pirate Day earlier this week, you can make up for it on the weekend. And you can enjoy some great food while helping a great cause. So grab your Jolly Roger and head to the Colonial Quarter for the Third Annual Pirate Pig Roast! (If you don’t have a Jolly Roger, you can grab one on “sail” tomorrow). We guarantee that you’ll be “hooked”!

A pirate goes to the doctor to have the spots on his arm examined. The doctor says: “They’re benign.”
The pirate replies: “No, no doc, there be 11. I counted them before I came here.”