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St. Augustine, Florida

Secrets of the Locals: Haszard’s

So, you know that the hub is originally from Maryland. That means a couple of things. It means that he loved his Orioles, and still remembers the glory days of Jim Palmer, Brookes Robinson (whom he calls Brookesy), Frank Robinson, and of course the fiesty manager xxxx. It means that he eats his crabs steamed … Read More

Local Secrets: Where to Eat

If I had a dollar for every time someone says to me, “Wow–Saint Augustine has the most amazing restaurants. It must be great to live here and eat at them all the time!!” If I *did* have a dollar for every time someone said that to me, I might have enough money to eat at … Read More

Summer in Saint Augustine

Surely I’ve told you that Saint Augustine was named one of the prettiest cities by Forbes Magazine. (I didn’t? Check it out here). Well, this photo reminds me why I love my new town so much. Want to know the best way to see the ancient city? On foot. Just start wandering around…you’ll be sure to … Read More

Sailing, Takes Me Away…

This is what a “not so spectacular” St. Augustine sunset looks like!! Have you ever noticed how many songs there are about sailing? There’s John Fogarty’s Sail Away, the Enya classic Sail Away: Orinico Flow, my Randy Newman fave Sail Away (he often closes with it), and the Styx classic Come Sail Away. But that’s … Read More

Who’s Your Farmer?

Feeling hungry? Join us tomorrow from noon til 5:00 for the Tour de Farm, an annual tour of more than 20 farms in Northeast Florida that offer a great look at the food we eat, the farmers who grow it, and the chefs who make culinary magic with it. Now wait, before I get ahead of myself, I should … Read More

Secrets of the Locals: Best Ice Cream

You may remember that the hub is an ice cream snob. Other men may talk about wine at dinner parties–going on about the nose of this wine or the head of that one or the blush of berries or whatever it is that they think they taste. It’s like a foreign language to me. In … Read More

How to Bed and Breakfast: Six Steps to Maximizing Your BnB Vacation

As I write this, our Bayfront Marin House has 365 reviews on TripAdvisor. I read (and respond) to every one of them. But as I’ve been reading them for the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a trend–there is a large number of reviewers who start their review by saying “We’ve never stayed at a bed and … Read More

You’re Feeling Sleepy, Sleepy…

That’s what one hour less sleep will do to you. My husband has long declared that, if he were to run for office (insert here the incredulous sound of your choice…such as HA, or TSK), he would run on a platform of having the sun go down at 9:15 every night. His theory is that … Read More