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St. Augustine, Florida

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Marin Sangria!

People love our sangria every day, but it seems especially appropriate on Cinco de Mayo. If you can’t be with us today, here’s a link to the recipes so that you can make your own at home. Ole!! http://www.bayfrontmarinhouse.com/marin-house-sangria-recipes/  

Weekend Update: Things to See and Sea

It’s March! And that means that there’s more to do than ever in St. Augustine. Tonight is Art Walk, held the First Friday of every month. Grab your coat (it’s chilly!) and head out to our many galleries to enjoy the highly talented art community. There’s always plenty to see! If that works up an … Read More

Cathedral Festival 2013

The hub tells me that fireworks are a girl thing. Boys don’t like them nearly as much, he says. But boys like getting kissed, so I recommend that all you boys take your girls to the Cathedral Festival this weekend. You can fill up on all the fried food you can carry (boys like food), … Read More

Manic Music Monday!

I got an email this morning from a publicity website that says the Beatles made their first US appearance on this date in 1964. Happy American Anniversary, Ringo and Paul! I don’t remember that performance–I’m not sure that my parents even knew each other in 1964. But I did see Ringo at the Amphitheatre last … Read More

Lights Out!!!

Tonight’s the last night of another wonderful Nights of Lights season. If you missed the big event this year, we strongly urge you to make a reservation sometime during November 16 – January 31, 2014. National Geographic didn’t name St. Augustine as one of the Top Ten Places to See Holiday Lights for nothing!! See … Read More

MLK Day: Welcome to Lincolnville

Happy MLK Day, All! St. Augustine has a close connection to Dr. King, as he visited Lincolnville in March 1964 to participate in a sit-in at Monson’s Motor Lodge. He stayed at several area homes, also in Lincolnville. Lincolnville is a small neighborhood in St. Augustine, a 45-block area┬ábordered by DeSoto Place, Cedar, Riberia, Cerro, … Read More

Pass the Popcorn: St. Augustine Film Fest

A cold front blew through yesterday, and the weatherman says it’s going to stay for a while. But that’s okay, because it’s the perfect time to settle into a nice warm movie theater for the annual St. Augustine Film Fest! A list of movies is attached below. Tickets are $7 online and $9 at the … Read More

Let there be (more) Light!

As if the *millions* of lights already lighting up in St. Augustine aren’t enough, there will be 2000 more on December 5, during Luminary Night at the Lighthouse. It takes 100 volunteers to light the 2000 tiny lights for the luminaries on the 5th, and the results will be on display from 6 til 9pm … Read More

Everybody Loves a Parade

If you’re one of the people who does, then make sure you’re out tomorrow morning at 10:00 am. The annual St. Augustine Christmas parade starts at the Mission de Nombre at 10, then snakes through the town, ending at the parking garage near the city gates. We won’t be able to meet you there…because we’ll … Read More